Every oyster tells a story and we are here to tell it. We bring our guests on a journey of taste, texture and facts. The oyster is a curious little delicacy. What they are, the farming process, shucking the perfect shell, consumption and its mythological “aphrodisiac” tendencies. We deliver the entire experience to you.

We provide a beautiful presentation, a ton of facts for the curious conversational type and above all, the natural taste of a perfectly shucked oyster every time. Through numerous Shucking Competitions, Landy Cannon is one of the top oyster shuckers around. It is an art form and trade, and only the truest of oyster lovers can tell apart a perfectly shucked oyster from another. We present you with that perfection. The Cannon Oyster Company Inc. provide their guests with more than just an oyster, we provide you a night of fun and food combined ensuring you will come back for more, time and time again. Our goal will inspire you to be part of the OYSTER WORLD. We are about oysters and tailoring to your needs, and we want to share this with you at your next event.


"I have never eaten an oyster in my life and this hard working, good-looking oyster shucker convinced me to try one and I loved it. His booth at the 'Bindertwine festival' in Kleinburg Ontario was quaint, clean with some southern rustic charm, and well...I just couldn't resist. This young man didn't disappoint. Bravo."



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10 Crestview Road, L0G1N0 Nobleton, Canada